Business Activities

Technology - MATIX's technology mainfested in the world of precision parts

High quality, low cost and prompt delivery.

Part's manufacturing today is viable only when the above conditions are met.

MATIX actively utilizes advanced production facilities, including fully automated lines and state-of-the-art equipment.

We take great pride in our highly efficient output of high-quality products from these superior lines.

Combination of man and machines. Highest-level manufacturing supported by the newest technology


MATIX is not at all hesitant in introducing the latest equipment for the manufacture of high-quality products. One example is our robot lines, which are realizing our ideals of high quality and total cost reduction very efficiently. Most of our composite production lines employ the FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) to meet diverse requirements flexibly.

On the other side of our systems though, it is always humans that control and utilize these automated lines with personal skills that are reflected in our products. MATIX is proud of its staff for their most efficient use of our state-of-the-art production lines.

No compromise in the pursuit of high precision

In pursuing accuracy, MATIX makes no compromises regardless of part sizes.

For instance, we make adjustments at the micron level to ensure that holes can be drilled to within tolerances as small as 100th of a millimeter. MATIX never compromises when it comes to precision or quality.