Business Activities

Quality - Superior accuracy.

MATIX offers a colorful variety of products.

Stable quality is assured by state-of-the-art machinery and thorough product control.

Quality is further enhanced by meticulous inspections in all processes from material selection to the final process.

The trained eyes of our staff check every detail.

MATIX quality, realized by all those involved in our manufacturing, is always of the highest standard.

The most exacting quality management system ensuring vehicle safety


In today’s auto manufacturing world, the slightest, most minute differences in part size and precision are clearly evident in vehicle performance. MATIX manufactures key basic components for automobiles, including engine parts and drive assembly and power train components.

These parts directly affect car quality, performance, and safety, which means that part quality is of paramount importance. In order to respond to these demands, we use proprietary systems and constantly bolster our perfect line production activities to pursue the highest possible standards of precision in all parts and phases of production in hopes of achieving superior quality that earns the respect of our customers. Supervisors on the production floor also closely monitor and check performance to confirm whether production lines and equipment are operating correctly, enabling us to maintain our high standards of quality.

Scientific micron-level testing together with human eye

All our products leave the factory only when the quality level set at the design stage has been 100% satisfied. Our high-accuracy processing technologies always have the reliable support of our advanced quality management system. Excellent quality is built into our products by various inspections at different stages of production, which allow no compromise in quality. We apply the “Zero Defect” system for all products from all our lines. The mainstay of our quality is the quality assurance department, which conducts micron-level inspections, including dimensional measurements, surface roughness examinations, wear checks and all other testing, using front-line measuring equipment. Our three-dimensional measuring machines, for instance, are capable of measuring 2/10,000 mm. The data obtained is used to further improve our high-grade manufacturing.