Business Activities

Development Selection of "State-of-the-art" materials and cutting-edge production systems incorporating original ideas

Vehicular functions have been advancing by leaps and bounds along with the rapid evolution of technology.

To supply highly functional parts, a supplier must mobilize all its technological resources to meet ever-changing sophisticated demands. In this sense, MATIX is the most suitable, with our rich know-how, that makes us capable of creating new technological proposals. We also select magnesium and various other "State-of-the-art" materials for our products.

MATIX’s total production system, from preparation to mass production, enables us to supply the most reliable parts featuring high efficiency and high accuracy.

Pursuit of higher-grade manufacturing as a pioneer of magnesium processing


Today’s car production must promote resource-saving and environmental protection. Such conditions can only be met by “weight reduction” and a surprising amount of energy can be saved by reducing the weight of parts. In particular, the use of lightweight materials brings about a remarkable effect toward this goal. Early on, MATIX tackled the challenge of processing magnesium, a material that well serves the purpose, and now with the mass production of cylinder head covers, we are among the leaders in the production of magnesium parts in Japan. This unrivaled magnesium processing technology is highly regarded in the industry, and our challenge to use new materials for higher-grade manufacturing continues with equal zeal.

Endless pursuit of excellent


Enormous energy is required to research into new materials and to develop new fields of technology but, for us, this energy comes from the ardent spirit of inquiry shared by all our employees. We are always searching for new and sublimate ideas that we can integrate into our own technologies. It is MATIX policy to supply valuable products, speedily and flexibly, and to continually strive for an even higher plane of excellence.

Superior production systems developed by ourselves


To meet demanding specifications, MATIX develops specific machine tools for the production of each product. We do this to minimize any waste in our production processes and to eliminate any loss of production time.

It is also based on our philosophy that high-accuracy products can be produced only with high-accuracy machine tools. The parts we produce are growing in complexity, and we know that high quality is not possible without consistency in production management. Each of our products derives from an original and highly sophisticated line, that is one of a kind in the world.