Privacy Policy

MATIX Co., Ltd. pays careful attention to the handling and safeguarding of personal information. On occasion, this site may use the personal information of our customers for inquiries, company-sponsored campaigns, and surveys. We believe it is our social responsibility to safeguard this personal information. Thus, MATIX Co., Ltd. has defined the privacy policy for this website according to the following terms. Based on this policy, we will exert our best efforts to prevent the leakage, theft, and modification of personal information.

Definition of Personal Information

MATIX Co., Ltd. defines personal information as information that may identify a customer or information that is unique to a customer, such as address, name, age, telephone number, or e-mail address information provided by the customer through this website.

Acquisition of Personal Information

When obtaining personal information received from customers through this website, MATIX Co., Ltd. shall clearly specify the purpose of use in advance and comply with said purpose as required. If the customer does not want personal information to be provided to TERA, the customer may choose to refuse to provide said personal information. However, in such cases, customers may not be able to use website services that require said personal information.

Using this website, MATIX Co., Ltd. also automatically receives information from customer browsers, including the customer’s IP address, cookies, and browsing history, which are recorded on the company server. This information is used to enhance the content of this website by customizing content for customers.

Use of Personal Information
Personal information provided by the customer shall be used within the scope of the specified purpose. If customer personal information must be used beyond this purpose, the company shall contact the customer in advance regarding the intended purpose of use. If the customer does not consent, the customer may deny the use of said personal information.
Non-disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

MATIX Co., Ltd. shall not disclose, assign, or lend personal information provided by the customer through this website to any third party. However, this condition shall not apply to the following situations.

When the Customer Provides Consent
  • When personal information (in order to respond to an inquiry, etc.) must be disclosed to partner companies, business alliance partners, and outsourcing partners that have concluded a confidentiality agreement with MATIX Co., Ltd. in order to satisfy the specified purpose of collection.
  • When processing personal information for use as statistical data and the individual source of the personal information cannot be identified.
  • When personal information must be disclosed in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, or ordinances.

A cookie is an ID comprising alphanumerical data sent from this website through the web browser to the customer’s computer hard disk. Cookies allow the website system to recognize the customer’s browser and thus provide various functions such as storing access information until the customer’s next visit to the website.

The customer may configure its browser to refuse to accept new cookies, enable an alert when cookies are accepted, or disable cookie functions (for more information on the setting, please refer to the “Help” section in your browser’s toolbar).

However, enabling the above settings may disable some of the functions of this website.

In order to fully utilize the functions of this website, the customer is recommended to adjust their settings to accept cookies.

Personal Information Inquiries, Corrections, and Deletion

Please use the following "Contact Us" page, available on the website, to request the verification of personal information or to edit or delete any incorrect personal information.

Revisions to this Privacy Policy

MATIX Co. Ltd. may revise the website privacy policy. Any significant changes shall be clearly noted on the website.

Website Content Manager and Contact Information

MATIX Co. Ltd. has appointed a content manager and a designated contact point for the website. For inquiries and comments, please contact us through the Contact Us page.

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