MATIX Corporation of America promptly and flexibly responds to the needs of customers located in the United States. The company performs cutting for a variety of irregularly shaped aluminum automotive parts.

The company is now expanding its facilities and recruiting skilled and talented workers in order to augment its production capacity to meet future demands. MATIX America’s mission is to manufacture efficient and superior quality products.

Production lines at the MATIX Corporation of America plant were designed and built by engineers from the MATIX corporate head office in Japan. Whenever a new line is launched, around two to three times each year, technicians are dispatched from the head office to work together with local staff to install the necessary facilities and equipment. The resulting quality has earned the trust of our local customers.

We have fused the culture and practices of the United States with the MATIX corporate culture to establish a unique proprietary culture that we call the MATIX WAY. Operating in this culture, we will continue on as a leader in the United States automotive parts industry as we move forward.

  • AAC(Aisin Automotive Casting)
  • AACT(Aisin Automotive Casting Tennessee)
Employees 100

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