CSR Policy


Moving forward, MATIX will aim to foster a greater coexistence with the local communities in which it operates,

and will continue to contribute to society in ways that highlight its strengths and capabilities.

CSR Philosophy

As a good corporate citizen, we will promote activities that contribute to the betterment of local communities and also work to make a difference for society as a whole.

  • Employee Education
    MATIX is committed to providing educational opportunities to help all of its employees grow as members of society, develop and cultivate the motivation to participate in social contribution activities, and embody a stronger sense of self-awareness as a valuable member of a good corporate citizen.
  • Active Relationship Building with the Community
    MATIX pledges to support activities that actively contribute to greater society and promote coexistence with local communities through the voluntary participation of its employees.
Overview of CSR Activities
Volunteer Activities
Volunteer Activities together with the Community

As part of its social contribution activities, since 2005 MATIX has participated in volunteer clean-up activities at various sites along the Yahagi River basin. The company also assists in clean-up activities at the Nishio City Flora & Fauna Interaction Center. Moving forward, we are fully committed to continuing to participate in local clean-up efforts as part of our environmental initiatives, maintaining our broader goal of fostering interaction and coexistence with local communities.

Charitable Contributions

To help promote local culture, MATIX makes charitable contributions to various groups and events such as the Nishio City Takigi Noh Performance, Yahagi Furukawa Traditional River Boating, the Nakabata Traditional Horse Riding and Horsemanship Preservation Society, the Nishio Festival, the Yonezu River Festival, and more.

The 6-S Activities

At the beginning of 15 minutes activity is called "ICHIGO" activity,(”ICHIGO”means 15) and we are conducting the cleaning not just inside of our company, but also cleaning and weeding around the company every day.

* 6-S: Refers to a set of six Japanese words that each begin with the letter "s." Seiri (Organize), Seiton (Arrange), Seiso (Clean), Seiketsu (Cleanliness), Shitsuke (Discipline) and Shikkari (Solid)