Environmental Initiatives


Striving to be an Eco-friendly Corporation

MATIX also manufactures automotive parts for eco-friendly automobiles, including hybrid and electric vehicles.

Parts used in eco-friendly vehicles require advanced technical competencies on every level. We are proud of the fact that our proprietary technologies are helping to safeguard the earth’s environment and promote energy efficiency.

In addition, we are actively working to attain ISO14001 certification in environmental management systems and standards. Our aim is to become a company that is always mindful of ways to make its manufacturing plants more eco- and people-friendly, such as promoting green manufacturing practices and ensuring a comfortable work environment – a company that commands the respect of its customers on every level.

ISO9001 ISO14001

Engaging in Business Activities focused on ISO9001 and ISO14001

In July 2002, MATIX acquired and migrated to the year 2000 version of ISO9001, and in December of the same year successfully received ISO14001 certification. Both certifications cover automotive parts (engine, drive shaft and power train components). This fiscal year (starting in February 2004), in addition to aspiring to fulfill the aims of our certifications and achieve our motto of becoming the leading manufacturer of cutting machines, we will continue to engage in activities that satisfy customers through quality, cost, delivery, and environmental (QCDE) best practices throughout the entire company, from the president to the staff on the production floor.

Environmental Policy