Environmental Policy


Recognizing that environmental conservation activities form the basis for a company’s existence, MATIX will actively contribute to the conservation of the Earth’s environment as a manufacturer of proprietary cutting machines designed and produced in-house for irregular shaped parts and as an assembler and manufacturer of automotive parts (engine, drive shaft, and power train parts).

Thus, we have made our environmental management system a central foundation of our business activities. We are committed to achieving harmony with society as a whole and the local communities in which we operate by continually improving our production and related activities that affect the Earth’s environment.

  • Laws, Regulations, and Company Standards
    MATIX will fully comply with laws, regulations, and agreements concerning the environment, and, when possible, establish, maintain, and improve company standards.
  • Environmental Management
    MATIX will conduct accurate environmental assessments and make constant improvements to its environmental management system by setting, maintaining, and reviewing targets and goals within all possible technical and financial scopes.
  • Resource Conservation
    MATIX will aspire to minimize the burden its business activities place on the environment, and will strive to ensure that its business activities conserve resources, save energy, recycle, and reduce waste byproducts.
  • Internal Audits
    MATIX will conduct internal environmental audits on a regular basis, review the appropriateness and effectiveness of the environmental management system, and make improvements accordingly.
  • Employee Education
    MATIX will provide ample environmental education opportunities, conduct PR activities, and ask that its suppliers and business partners engage in business activities that comply with its basic policy in order to ensure that all company-related stakeholders understand the company’s environmental policy and develop a deeper environmental awareness.
  • Relationships with the Community
    MATIX is determined to preserve local environments and contribute to broader society to achieve harmony with the local communities in which it operates.

January 31, 2011Taizo MatsukawaPresident, MATIX Co., Ltd.