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MATIX OUTLINE - Flexible Thinking and Creative Technologies!

MATIX employs a total approach toward production. Typically, it begins with ideas to meet the requirements from an automaker. This is followed by the development of an original manufacturing system and then production with the most exacting controls before our products are delivered to customers. All processes are structured into an organic whole to offer the highest quality.

  • Head Office
    Head Office
  • Section 4 Factory
    Team No.3 Factory
  • Koido Factory
    Koido Factory
  • Technical Center
    Technical Center
  • MATIX Corporation of America (Tennessee, USA)

    MATIX Corporation of America

    (Tennessee, USA)

Company name MATIX Co., Ltd.

18 Anzahigashi, Nakabata-cho, Nishio, Aichi

444-0397 Japan

TEL 0563-59-6050

FAX 0563-59-1390

Founded November, 1921
Incorporation March, 1958
Capital \48 million
Representative Taizo Matsukawa, President

Site area:37,319m

Floor area:23,319m

Number of employees 260 (210 men, 50 women)
Overseas Subsidiary MATIX Corporation of America
Product lines
  • Intake manifolds
  • Extension housings
  • Differential carriers
  • Body oil pumps, etc.
  • Various other auto parts and dedicated machinery
Major customers
  • Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd
  • Aisin Takaoka Ltd.
  • Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
  • Aisin AI Co., Ltd.
  • DENSO Corporation
  • Nippon Daiya Valve Co., Ltd.
  • Inagaki Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Nishio Branch, UFJ Bank Limited
  • Kariya Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Japan Finance Corporation
  • Nishio Branch, The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.
  • Nishio Branch, Hekikai Shinkin Bank
  • Head Office, Nishio Shinkin Bank