Company Profile

Organizational Chart

fig.FY2012 MATIX Organizational Chart

Exective Officers

Sumiko Matsukawa
Taizo Matsukawa
Yukari Matsukawa
Corporate OfficerIn charge of Operation Department and Quality Department Responsible for QMS/EMS, Responsible for TQM Promotion Department
Masaya Okada
Corporate OfficerIn charge of Sales Planning Department and Production Division
Toshimitsu Sakuma
Corporate Planning Office
Corporate Planning IMAGE

The Corporate Planning Office was established under the direct control of the company president to ensure prompt and efficient problem resolution.

Consisting of the Cost Price Control Team, the Corporate Planning Office is primarily involved in reviewing and planning for the company's direction over the mid- to long-term. The Cost Price Control Team is responsible for improving the cost price and character of all company departments and internal training programs.

We have established a system that selects project leaders on a project-by-project basis. Project leaders consist primarily of young employees in their early 20s.

Dispatched MATIX Workers

Shinji Yamada
Toshiya Kato
Masahiro Kajikawa