Company Profile


Pursuing the True Value of Manufacturing Through Our Technical Competencies and Wealth of Creativity

MATIX Co., Ltd. (formerly Matsukawa Tekkojo Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1921 as a manufacturer of tile making machines and other ceramics manufacturing equipment. Since then, we have gone on to create a broad mix of machine tools, including textile machinery. The expertise we have cultivated over the course of our history, coupled with our cutting edge proprietary technologies and information, continue to drive our growth today as a cutting tool manufacturer that thrives in the auto industry and a variety of other fields.

With radical economic changes reverberating around the world in recent years, the demands of the auto industry have rapidly grown more sophisticated and continue to undergo constant change. Given this environment, I believe our ability to promptly respond to the needs of our customers with reliable technologies is a crucial theme for the future of the company. At MATIX Corporation of America, established as a subsidiary in 2001, we have forged solid relationships of mutual trust with our overseas customers. This, I believe, illustrates that our manufacturing expertise and proprietary technologies have been recognized and validated outside of Japan. Moving forward, we will continue to develop close working relationships with our customers in order to enhance and maintain our technological presence and succeed in bringing new ideas to fruition.

MATIX is also working to become a company that contributes to society through corporate activities rooted deeply in the local community. In keeping with one of our management principles, the ability to cultivate human capital is a critical theme for the company today. I firmly believe that the activities of each and every employee are essential to MATIX’s future growth and lay the foundation for our commitment to both local communities and society as a whole. Together, we will unite to propel the company forward and continue to meet the challenges of tomorrow. I ask for the continuous support and guidance of our many stakeholders.

Taizo Matsukawa
MATIX Co., Ltd.