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November, 1921

Chairman Yoro Matsukawa (deceased) founds a ceramics' machine making plant.

Matsukawa Tekkojo starts as a maker of roof tile and other ceramics' machines.

April, 1931 Produces textile machinery for Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.
September, 1933 Begins manufacturing machine tools, such as large-size shaping machines, boring machines and planing machines.
February, 1946 Starts total processes for the manufacturing, finishing, assembling and coating of spinning machines as a plant affiliated to Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.
May, 1953 Starts manufacturing auto parts for Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., and dedicated machine part units for Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd.
March, 1958 Reorganized into a corporation.
May, 1961 Develops powerful shaping and milling machines, and draws attention in the industry.
October, 1963 Expands the plant area by about 3,900m2 in response to the expansion of Toyota Motor Corporation's parts' division
August, 1969 Increases capital to \48 million as a designated company for investment from the Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment and Consultation Co., Ltd.
1970 Completes the Welfare Center and Seiwa-ryo for employees.
April, 1974 Introduces NC machinery.
July, 1974 Starts business with Nippondenso Co., Ltd. (now DENSO Corporation).
June, 1978 Starts business with Nippon Daiya Valve Co., Ltd.
October, 1979 Opens the press working and welding departments.
November, 1980 Expands the Section 4 Factory (now the MT Factory).
February, 1985 Expands the Section 2 Factory (now the Team 1 West Factory / shipping station).
February, 1989 Completes the new building for the Head Office.
July, 1990 Completes the 1st phase of the Koido Plant construction.
August, 1991 Employees' trip to Hawaii in celebration of the 70th anniversary.
July, 1992 Completes the 2nd phase of the Koido Plant construction.
1995 President's declaration of TQC activities.
May, 1996 Employees' trip to Australia in celebration of the 75th anniversary.
1997 Starts mass production of vacuum pump parts for EBARA Corp.
November, 1998 Starts mass production of MZ oil pans.
December, 1999 Obtains ISO9001 certification for the production of auto parts (engine, drive and transmission parts).
January, 2000

Starts mass production of magnesium cover cylinder heads.

Starts mass production of DENSO U2P high-pressure injection pump parts.

June, 2000 Rebuilds the Section 4 Factory (now the Team 3 New Factory).
February, 2001 Establishes MATIX Corporation of America, Tennessee, USA.
May, 2001 Employees' trip to Hawaii in celebration of the 80th anniversary.
February, 2002 Starts production of engine parts at MATIX Corporation of America.
April, 2003 MATIX Corporation of America completes Phase II plant extension work.
September, 2003 MATIX Corporation of America completes Phase II plant extension work.
June, 2004 Implements 6-S Activities Day (every third Saturday of the month) for the entire MATIX organization.
October,2004 Company trip to Kobe and Arima Hot Spring.
April, 2005 Implements performance-based bonus system.
December, 2005 Migrates to 2004 version of ISO14001.
August, 2006 Launches mass production of ZR crankcases (for the Toyota Prius and other vehicles).
November, 2006 Company trip to Hokkaido to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the company's founding.
February, 2007 Introduces the Matsukawa Information System.
March, 2007 MATIX Corporation of America commences mass production of AW adapters and the B800.
June, 2007 Introduces 3D CAD.
June, 2008 Launches No.1 production line for AR-type engine components and commences mass production (principally used in Toyota 2.5L and 2.7L engines).
December, 2008 Simultaneously launches ARK-type engine component production line at MATIX Corporation of America and No. 2 production line for ARK-type engine components at the MATIX head office in Japan.
August, 2009 Launches mass production of converter housings (used in 8-speed automatic transmissions for VW, Audi and Porsche).
February, 2011 Changes company name to MATIX Co., Ltd.
November, 2011 Conducted 90th anniversary trip to Hawaii.
April, 2012 Held 90th anniversary ceremony.
June, 2012 Technical center is opened.